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Death threats after engaging out about police shootings

SEATTLE Seahawks
whitneymercilusjersey WR Doug Baldwin said in an interview that aired Tuesday that he had received "several" Death threats since he began chatting out about social and racial injustice after recent police shootings.

The son of a cop, Baldwin spoken to "60 moments Sports" Correspondent Jon Wertheim about NFL player protests and his meeting with state and Seattle officials about attempting to find a way to change the situation. an interview aired on Showtime. The full meeting with them,talk to is embedded below.

Baldwin said
texansjerseycheap he reached out to 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick when the quarterback sat on
QuintinDempsjersey the bench when the national anthem played before a game to protest the recent police shootings of black men.

"I knew he was getting a lot of disbelief coming his way, Baldwin claimed, discussing Kaepernick.

Wertheim said Kaepernick had obtained death threats and asked Baldwin if he had, so.

"i did so, Baldwin sent a reply. "pondered a few. A couple of people told me to watch my back. There’s issues going on in today’s times that people feel compelled to talk about, And I’m
RyanGriffinJersey not really quieted about it. And if something was to take place to me, I think that would just further prove the point that we have issues in our culture and society that need to be changed,

"So you’ve taken into account it, Wertheim answered.

"I have contemplated it it’s been concerning,

Instead of
tomsavagejersey sitting or kneeling during the nation’s anthem, Baldwin led the Seahawks to make a point by standing together arm in arm during the anthem to show unity.

How does he hope to perform a change?

"I think that right now I’m really focused on the training for criminal because that’s where I think we can have the most impact, immediately, And early,


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